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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Target Practice

To the old man who lapped me in Emancipation Park this morning: Thank you.

I haven't been running much lately. I've been searching for motivation. You are just what I needed.

But let me explain: I ran last night, man. Hard. This morning was just a psych run. I had some stuff on my mind that I needed to sweat out. So when I ran up behind you, it wasn't a challenge. I was just trying to get by. You picked up the pace to prevent me from passing, and that was cool. For that first 50 metres, I thought about staying with you. My ego was at war with my tired legs. My ego lost. I had to hang back and let you go.

But when you pulled away and opened up a 200 metre gap - that hurt more than my knees. And lapping me? That was downright malicious.

But, as I said, I was there to work out my brain not my legs. So when you slowed down to walk and I buzzed by you - I swear that wasn't a challenge, my friend. That was the last lap of my 5K. I was just trying to make it count. So spanking me with that brutal sprint over the last 200 metres, that was just uncalled for. But I respect it.

I haven't been running much lately. But now, I will be. And I'll be looking out for you. And I will take you down.


Blogger Carib Belle said...

Good story and a nice first post. Welcome to the blogosphere and the wonderful world of online exhibitionism. Enjoy.

9:56 PM  

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